Food @ Café Rose Red

We serve a selection of tapas to accompany our many beers. Our kitchen is open all day, every day!

Our Tapas Menu:

  • Portion of Cheese (Young Gouda) – EUR 3.50
  • Portion of Olives (Arbequine Olives) – EUR 3.50
  • Portion of Sausages (Dry Sausage with Périgord nuts) – EUR 3.50
  • Portion of Pate (Boerenpate) – EUR 3.50
  • Portion of Rillettes (Rillettes du Mans) – EUR 3.50
  • Portion of Sundried Tomatoes (Marinated in Olive oil) – EUR 3.50
  • Portion of Brawn – EUR 3.50
  • Portion of Trappist Cheese (Made by the Trappist monks at Chimay) – EUR 3.50

All our finger food is served with a delicious local mustard (Wostyn mustard)

All portions can be served with bread (Baguette or full grain bread) – No Extra Charge

  • Mixed Portions – Make your selection of 3 portions as a mixed platter – EUR 9.00

Pictures of Cafe Rose Red - Attraction Photos
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